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55 years in the business

Cambist AB has since 1969 developed efficient cash fare collection for public transport. Our motto has always been flexibility, both when it comes to satisfying customer needs and the manufacturing of our products. We develop our products and manufacture them in our own tools and moulds, by subcontractors throughout Sweden. Our offices, development and assembly units are located in Norrtälje, 60 kilometres north east of Stockholm, Sweden.

The Cambist fare collection system is in use in over 200.000 buses around the world. We serve bus, train, tram and ferry companies in more than 20 countries, directly from our offices here in Norrtälje. Our clients vary from companies with one up to thousands of vehicles.

Thanks to the fully customizable design, we can build our coin dispensers for any currency in any denominations. We haven’t yet come across a coin with dimensions that we cannot adapt our dispensers to!

Cambist headquarters at Stockholmsvägen 59 Norrtälje
Göran Pehrson, Managing Director, Cambist AB

Göran Pehrson
Managing Director

Kristina Larsson, Sales co-ordination, finance and administration, Cambist AB

Kristina Larsson
Sales co-ordination, finance and administration

Susanne Samuelsson, Manufacturing, assembly and shipping, Cambist AB

Susanne Samuelsson
Manufacturing, assembly and shipping

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