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Closed for summer holiday

Cambist will be closed for summer holiday from July 10th to August 7th.



Custom drivers bag

Shipping 100 pcs of a customized drivers bag no.307 and 5 tube dispensers to an Australian bus operator.


Did you know that we are happy to offer you customizations of our products? Or to design and manufacture new items on your specifications? This goes for leather goods as well as coin tables, electronics tables and attachment stands and brackets.

coin dispenser-cambist-custom-leather-bag


Easter holidays

Cambist will be closed for Easter holidays from April 9th to 13th.


Happy Easter!


Christmas and New Year holidays

Cambist will be closed for Christmas and New Year holidays from December 23rd to January 7th.


We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Cambist summer holidays

We will be closed for summer holidays from July 15th to August 9th.


Supplying Norwegian buses

Preparing a delivery of 177 installations for Norwegian buses. Great work by our Norwegian representative RSA in Drammen!


Our coin table no.98121 is big enough for handling coins efficiently, but still small enough to fit into the bus interior.


If you are looking for a custom shaped coin table, perhaps to fit close to or have space to install a ticket machine, just send us an inquiry! We would be happy to suggest a design or to give you a quote based on your own design!


Cambist coin tables


Christmas and New Year holidays

We will be closed for Christmas and New Year holidays from Monday December 24th to Friday January 4th.


We wish you all a Merry Christmas and

a Happy New Year!


Coin dispenser for New Zealand

This 5 tube coin dispenser is on it's way to New Zealand for some efficient coin handling business! Not the first Cambist dispenser in New Zealand, but it always makes us proud receiving inquiries from far away markets.


Thanks to the flexible design, we can build dispensers for all currencies and any coins. And we supply world wide.



Cambist summer holidays

We will be closed for summer holidays from July 16th to August 10th 2018.


Celebrating our National Day

Our office will be closed Wednesday, June 6th, due to National Day celebrations.


Happy National Day Sweden!


Cambist Driver's bag, no. 311 and 312

A traditional drivers bag. Made out of brown leather with a metal frame, soft leather inside, adjustable nylon webbing carrying strap and four separate pockets and a pen holder inside.

The 311 and 312 are identical except for an external pocket on the 312.


Read more about our bags » 



Cambist drivers bag no.311 front with 5 tube coin dispenser
Cambist drivers bag no.311 open with content


Too keep your dimes in good order

Two of the smallest version coin dispenser we make: 1 tube dispensers. These two are built to handle 10 USD cent coins. They're off to serve a customer in California. 

Cambist coin dispensers with one single coin unit for USD 0.10.


Christmas and New Year holidays

We will be closed for Christmas and New Year holidays from Monday December 25th to Friday January 5th.


We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Brand new Pendamatic 120 dispensers at £99


As you may know, our Pendamatic dispenser is no longer in production. However, we have assembled the last few complete units of model 120 from parts in stock and we offer them at £99 each. They come in two different configurations: £1, £1, 50p, 20p, 10p, 5p, 2p or £2, £1, £1, 50p, 20p, 10p, 5p. First come first served!


If you already have a Pendamatic and it is in need of some maintenance, we still stock spare parts for both model 120 and 150. No longer a complete range though. If you need spares, just contact us and let us know what parts you are looking for and we will do our best to help you out!

Pendamatic coin dispenser.


Our new Driver's bag no.307


Our Driver's bag no.307 can hold a coin dispenser on the outside and has enough room inside for the dispenser, a purse, tickets, timetables, ticket punch etc. The strap is easily adjusted and runs all the way under the bag. The bag is effortlessly opened and closed with one hand thanks to the two magnetic locks.


On the back are two brass eyelets to attach the bag to our bag holder for wall or table.


Just like our old conductors bag no.303, the 307 is a great bag for bus drivers, conductors on board trains, trams and ferries, postal services and anyone else who needs to handle mobile cash payments. It is of course hand made in Sweden of genuine leather.


Driver's bag no.307 is replacing our Conductor's bag no.303.


Summer holidays


Our office will be closed from July 17th until August 11th. We'll be back at the office Monday August 14th.


Celebrating our National Day


Our office will be closed Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th due to National Day celebrations, May 6th. We will be back at the office Wednesday 7th.


Happy National Day Sweden!


19 years in service.
Now, ready for another decade or two.

Last week we got an inquiry from a bus driver in the UK. His 7 tube Cambist coin dispenser was in need of a repair. And, he also wanted to rebuild two units to hold other denominations. One unit was actually missing the tube and upper tube holder. In other words, well-used. Turned out that he had been using his dispenser for 19 years. Nineteen years. Still operational, but in need of an overhaul. Rather than having us send him the replacement parts, he chose to send his dispenser to us and let us do the rebuild and repair. A couple of days later we sent him his dispenser in return, ready for many more years of service.


We are very proud and happy to see proof of our products durability, flexibility and longevity. It actually happens quite often, since we service batches of dispensers every now and then, but we are equally joyful each time it happens!

Cambist coin dispenser repair

19 years in service. Now, ready for 19 more.


Our Norwegian representative is keeping us busy!

RSA, our Norwegian representative, did a great 2016 and started of 2017 by ordering 370 coin dispensers and close to 50 coin tables. Børre and David at RSA is doing a great job for us in Norway!


Christmas and New Years holiday

Cambist will be closed for Christmas and New Years holiday from Friday December 23rd to Friday January 6th.


We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Spare parts for all products we make

Packing 32 pieces of 7 tube coin dispensers and coin guides for Baie D’armor Transport, France. Plus spare parts for their Cambist equipment already in use since long.

Did you know that we offer spare parts for all products we make? Our products are mechanical, long lived and reliable, but eventually they might need some fresh parts. Or, if there’s a new coin put in circulation, you can re-build your dispensers. No need to replace the whole unit.


Our brochure has a complete list of spares.
Click here to read our brochure » (PDF)



Dispensers for Light City Buses, Australia

Just dispatched a pallet of 6 tube dispensers for Light City Buses in South Australia, one of many Australian operators using Cambist. We are proud to have been supplying Australian bus operators since 1974!


Dispensers for the new Swedish coin series

Happy to send out today brand new 4 tube coin dispensers to Styrsöbolagen. The dispensers were configured to handle the new 1, 2 and 5 Swedish crown coins.


More dispensers and coin tables to Denmark!

We would like to congratulate our Danish representative Bent Gerts A/S to great sales in Danmark. We are assembling close to 300 dispensers plus tables to be sent out within the next couple of weeks. Great job Thomas and Tonni!


Storage compartment

Looking for a small storage compartment? Our item no.98229 is just that. Measures 160x95x50 millimeters.


Cambist news: coin table shelf storage compartment.


Pallets with coin tables for Norway!

Another fine order dispatched to our Norwegian rep. Rutebileiernes Stand AS. 75 coin tables on their way to be installed in buses a.s.a.p.!



More equipment to Norwegian bus operator

Just confirmed orders for 200 dispensers, 65 coin tables and accessories for our Norwegian representative Rutebileiernes Stand AS, immediate delivery. Thanks Børre and David, keep up the good work!


Coin tables by Cambist. Shown here is coin table no.98240 with coin guide and bag holder.

Coin table with bag holder, for Norway.


Supplying not only companies but also individuals

We are happy to supply world wide, not only companies but also individuals looking for a dispenser, conductors bag or any other item in our range. We offer secure card payments through PayPal.


Contact us for a quote including shipping!


New attachment stand no.228

We have put together a new attachment stand, no.228. It allows for a low installation on a horisontal surface, for example the top of the drivers partition wall. It works great to hold a coin table with dispenser or a ticket machine!

Cambist attachment stand no.228 for coin table and coin dispense


New coin table no.98226

A new, smaller stand alone coin table design!

150 x 255mm, elevated edge running all around the table.

Cambist coin table


New coin table no.98227

Handling coins without a coin dispenser? Our new table no.98227 has elevated edges along three sides. Measures 190 x 200mm.

Cambist coin table no.98227


New coin table no.98224

A smaller version of our popular side board no.98222. Size 150 x 200 mm. It will also make a great mount plate for your ticket machine. And with help of for example an attachment stand no.224 it is easy to adjust height and position for good ergonomics!

Cambist coin table no.98224


Custom brackets and attachment stands

Did you know that we make all kinds of custom brackets and attachment stands for your specific needs? Contact us with a drawing or sketch and we will send you a quote. If you don't have any drawing or suggestions on a design, just send as a picture of the interior and we'll get right on it!



Cambist coin dispenser offers a range of attachment stands. Standard or custom designed.

Bracket with support strut. Angled to match the partition door and still comfortable face the driver.


Purse no.306 Special

Our purse no.306 has evolved into no.306 Special and will now carry a dispenser! This means you can handle both coins and bills from your hip.



Cambist drivers purse with coin dispenser


Supplying direct to you

We now supply the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Finland directly from us here in Norrtälje, Sweden. Best possible availability for products and spare parts.


Contact us for more information and prices!



More dispensers for Southlink, Australia

South Australian bus operator Southlink ads another 100 Cambist dispensers to their bus fleet. We're happy to establish that Southlink has been using Cambist equipment in their fleet since 2007.

Cambist - fare collection for all coins and any bus