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Coin dispensers

The Cambist coin dispenser is an efficient and easy to use coin handling system on board your bus, train or tram. You simply sort the received coins into their tubes and then give correct change with the tip of your thumb. Cash fare collection made easy!

Customized parts for all currencies

With samples of your currency’s coins we build the coin dispenser in accordance with your desired combination, with up to eight different coin tubes. Our standard tubes are 7 cm (total height of dispenser 10,5 cm), but the dispenser can also be built with extra high 10,5 cm tubes (total height of dispenser 14,5 cm). 10,5 cm tubes will allow the dispenser to hold more coins per tube. The parts are manufactured in tools adjusted to coin thickness and diameter, to secure a dependable and flawless function year after year. The parts are made out of nickel-plated steel, ABS and CAB plastic.

Easily rebuilt and repaired

Thanks to the fact that the dispenser is built by separate units, in the event of a coin reform (new coins added or old coins replaced/discontinued), for example a 5 tube dispenser can be rebuilt to 4, 6 or 7 tubes. Or, still be a 5 tube but with one tube rebuilt or replaced to fit the new coin. All parts in the dispenser are offered separately as spare parts and we also offer complete single tube units for easy replacement. And, since the dispenser is fairly low tech, the rebuilding/repairs can be made by your company mechanics. If you can repair and maintain a bus, you can for sure rebuild a Cambist dispenser.

Part of a fare collection system

The dispenser is part of a fare collection system. It can be used separately or in combination with our coin tables or bags. Together with a coin table, the dispenser makes a quick, safe and easy to operate fare collection system on-board your bus or tram. The dispenser also comes standard with hooks on the back so that it can be easily attached to our conductors bag and make a great mobile fare collection system for conductors on-board trains, ferries etc.. Click to watch how easy the Cambist fare collection system operates!

A 6 tube coin dispenser, in this configuration for Euro coins. 5 cent , 10 cent, 20 cent, 50 cent, €1, €2.

Cambist coin dispenser spare parts

The flexible coin unit designs allows for us to build dispensers for all currencies coins in any combination, and for you to easy rebuild your dispensers in case of new coins, ad coin units or repair and maintenance. All parts are available as spares.

Cambist 6 tube euro coin dispenser

On the back of the dispenser there are two hooks. With the hooks flapped out, the dispenser can be attached to a conductors bag, a panel in a bus, tram or train or hung in a belt. 

Cambist coin dispensers, from 1 up to 8 tubes.

Our coin dispensers can be built with one up to eight coin tubes. Shown at the back is a 6 tube extra high (10,5cm) dispenser.

Reliable and long-lived, in your service for decades

We are proud to offer a product that over and over proves it’s durability and long life. We now and then get batches of dispensers sent to us for overhaul. Recently, a Swedish bus company sent us a larger number of dispensers that we could, judging from parts and details, date as close to 20 years old. After replacing a few parts and giving them a good clean, they are back in service performing like new for another decade. At least.

Custombuilt coin dispensers for any currency coins in any combination