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Driver’s purse no.306

The Cambist driver’s purse no.306 is a great complement to the Cambist dispenser and conductors bag. It will help you to keep bills in order. It’s also very popular among taxi drivers, hot dog stands, restaurants and others who handle cash payment.

The 306 purse can be attached to your belt trough a belt channel on the back side. It has 6 pockets. One of them has a zipper, great for coins.

Made of genuine leather with solid brass details.
Size: 170 x 100 mm.

Driver’s purse 2.0?

Are you looking for a specific leather item? Have you made a design, or have you maybe identified a need and looking to come up with an idea and a design? We’re happy to supply custom items. Either a custom adaption to one of our standard item, or a whole new item.

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Cambist drivers leather purse no.306

6 compartments, one with zipper for coins

Cambist drivers purse, viewed from the front.

Made of genuine leather with solid brass details

Cambist drivers leather purse, viewed from back

Belt channel on the back side

Need a custom leather product? Let us know, we would be happy to suggest a design!