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Pendamatic coin dispenser


The Pendamatic coin dispenser has 7 individual dispensers for £1, 50p, 20p, 10p, 5p, 2p and 1p coins. Top and button is in light grey plastic, cover in blue-lacquered steel. It has two slots in the back for spigot mounting on a wall or partition.


The Pendamatic coin dispensers makes an efficient and easy to use coin handling system for cash fare collection onboard your bus, train or tram.


Size: 289x120x73 mm. Capacity: £53 approx.



Our Pendamatic dispenser is no longer in production. However, we still have a number of Pendamatic Model 120 in stock for immediate delivery. Brand new units that we offer for £99/each. These Pendamatics are customized to hold the current £1 coin as well as the new £1 coin that will enter circulation in March 2017, in the same £1 coin holder. 


We also still stock spare parts for both Model 120 and 150. No longer a complete range though. If you need spares for your Pendamatic, just contact us. We would be happy to assist!




Pendamatic coin dispenser.
Pendamatic coin dispenser.

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