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The Cambist cash fare collection system

The Cambist coin dispenser is an efficient and easy to use cash fare collection system on board your bus, train or tram. You simply sort the received coins into their tubes and then give correct change with the tip of your thumb.

The core of the Cambist cash fare collection system is the coin dispenser. It is an efficient device to sort, store and eject coins. The dispenser can be used as a stand-alone unit or in combination with for example a coin table, a conductors bag or a purse.

Our dispenser can be built to hold up to 8 different coins of any currency, in any combination. It can easily be rebuilt to match new coins in circulation.

In our product range you will also find products to match and supplement the dispenser and coin table, such as attachment stands, bags, purses and more.

Cambist coin dispenser cash fare collection onboard bus.

Spare parts

We offer a full range of spare parts for all our products. From the detailed view in our brochure you can find the item number for the sprecific parts you are looking for!
Download English brochure » (PDF)

A Cambist coin dispenser holding euro coins

Up to 8 tubes. All coins in any combination. Your choice.

Fare collection made easy with a 7 section coin guide for euro coins

The link between the dispenser and the coin table. Just click in.

Cambist 4 section coin table

Many sizes & shapes. Got a ticket machine? No worries.

Fare collection made easy with this conductors bag and dispenser from Cambist

Tickets, time tables, bank-notes. It’ll all fit.

Attachment stands by Cambist. Here shown is attachment stand no.224 for wall.

Adjustable or fixed. Floor or wall mount. We got it.

Cambist drivers purse with coin dispenser

Coins and notes, easily accessed right on your hip.

Cash fare collection for all coins and any bus