A coin dispenser from Cambist, filled with coins

Fare collection for all coins and any bus

Cambist is an efficient and easy to use coin handling system on board your bus, train or tram. With our dispenser, coin guide and coin table, you simply sort the received coins into their tubes and then give correct change with the tip of your thumb. Cash fare collection made easy!

The coin dispenser can be configuered with one up to eight coin tubes for any currencys denominations in any order. Thanks to the dispensers’ separate coin units design, the dispenser can be repaired, reconfigured and rebuilt in case of a coin reform. We’ve had dispensers sent to us for repair after almost 20 years in service. A proper overhaul and they’re good for another 20 years.

We are proud to have supplied durability, flexibility and longevity for 55 years!

We are happy to supply world wide, not only companies but also private individuals. We offer secure card payments through PayPal. Contact us for a quote including freight!

A Cambist coin dispenser holding euro coins

Custom built to match your requirements! Up to 8 coin tubes to match any coin denomination in any combination!

Fare collection made easy with this conductors bag and dispenser from Cambist

We offer a range of genuine leather bags and purses. We’re also happy to offer custom designs to match your needs!

Cambist coin table with coin guide

Allows for quick and efficient coin handling! Different sizes and shapes. Available with sideboard for ticket machine or card reader.

Cambist – made in Sweden since 1969