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Coin guides


The coin guide is the link between the coin dispenser and the coin table. It consists of modules of ABS-plastic designed to fit the upper tube holders on the coin dispenser and a support plate with a release lever in nickel-plated steel, which makes it possible to easily fix and release the coin dispenser from the coin table.


With the coin guide fixed to a coin table and the dispenser fixed in the coin guide, it is easy to slide coins from the coin table into each specific coin tube in the dispenser.


The coin guide is built to fit each specific coin dispenser model. A coin guide together with a coin dispenser makes a great system for efficient cash fare collection!



Cambist coin guide for coin dispenser.

7 section coin guide to match a 7 tube dispenser.

Cambist coin guide with coin dipsenser

5 section coin guide holding a 5 tube coin dispenser. The coin guide is built to fit a specific coin dispenser configuration. Shown here is a coin guide AU-435 B holding a AU-425 coin dispenser for Australian dollars.

The coin guide is built to match your specific dispenser