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Bags, purses and ticket punches


We offer a range of bags and purses to hold coins, bills, tickets, time tables etc. Our 307, 311 and 312 driver's bags and 306 Special purse has attachments for a coin dispenser. The 307, 311 and 312 with a coin dispenser is a perfect combination for conductors collecting fares on trains, trams and ferries. These items are great tools for efficient cash fare collection!


All our bags and purses are made of genuine leather.



Custom items

Need a custom leather product, new from scratch or one of our standard items with adaptions to your specific needs? Let us know, we would be happy to suggest a design!

Driver's Bag no. 311 and 312


A traditional driver's bag. Made out of brown leather with a metal frame, soft leather inside, adjustable nylon webbing carrying strap and four separate pockets and a pen holder inside.


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Cambist drivers bag no.311 front with 5 tube coin dispenser

Driver's Bag no. 307


Our driver's bag no.307 is a great tool for cash fare collection on-board buses, trains, trams, ferries etc. Used by the Swedish Postal Service for many years. It can hold a coin dispenser on the outside front and has enough room inside for the dispenser, a purse, tickets, timetables, ticket punch and more.


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Cambist drivers and conductors leather bag item no.307

Driver's Purse no.306


The Cambist driver's purse no.306 is a great complement to the Cambist dispenser and conductors bag. It will help you to keep bills in order.


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Cambist drivers purse. Genuine leather with solid brass details. Made in Sweden.

Driver's Purse no.306 Special


Our 306 purse has evolved into 306 Special with the ability to carry a 4 or 5 tube dispenser underneath. Allows you to handle both coins and bills from your hip!


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Cambist drivers purse with coin dispenser

Ticket punches


Made of nickel-plated steel and available with depths of 35 mm or 10 mm with a 3 mm round clip or individual clip symbol.


• No. 314/1, round clip. Depth of jaw 10 mm. Length 125 mm.

• No. 314/2, symbol shaped clip. Depth of jaw 10 mm. Length 125 mm.

• No. 310/1, round clip. Depth of jaw 35 mm. Length 115 mm

• No. 310/2, symbol shaped clip. Depth of jaw 35 mm. Length 115 mm

cambist ticket punch control nippers

Our bags and purses are made of genuine leather with solid brass details